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Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:41 pm by Sloker

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A new DS will be released...named 3DS!

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A new DS will be released...named 3DS!

Post  Sloker on Thu Apr 01, 2010 6:41 pm

Nintendo confirmed that there is a new DS named 3DS!It will support 3D without 3D glasses!
Additional Information:
- New Nintendo handheld
- Will be shown at E3
- Craig believes 3DS will be the actual name
- DSi is the stop-gap
- Backward compatible with the DSi
- One of the screens will be stereoscopic 3D
- Peer thinks the top screen will be the 3D screen, bottom screen touch
- Craig thinks Nintendo bought the screens from a public company or have to reveal they sold a lot of screens to a certain company, Nintendo wanted to make an announcement themselves
- NCL only cares about themselves, not really NOA, Nintendo of Europe, etc.
- Coming out by the end of March
- Apple sneaking in on Nintendo, iPhone can’t do stereoscopic 3D
- Everyone’s 3D jazzed because of movies like Avatar
- Professor Layton, brain games, could be neat in 3D
- Multiple third-parties have apparently received confirmation from Nintendo that nVidia Tegra chip isn’t being used
- Craig doesn’t believe high-profile third-party devs don’t have the actual dev kits
- With the DS, devs were only able to work with one screen, devs had to constantly send the kits back and forth, get the new one with touch screen, etc.

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